Monday, November 21, 2011

More from TACA...

More from TACA...
Born Free baby bottles free of bpa; Dr. Brown’s, Evenflow, Gerber, Playtex all have levels of bpa associated with damage in lab animals associated with hyperactivity, iddm, obesity (bpa = bisphenol a)
Styrene (styrofoam) decreases glutathione (toxicology 2006), causes mito damage
Be sure to use bpa free dental sealants

Gardasil Vaccine Claim for Preventing Cervical Cancer Not Backed by Science

Health Impact News Editor Comments: This article is from Discover Magazine, which is generally a pro-vaccine publication, and the author is a medical investigative journalist for the British medical journal (BMJ), who is not anti-vaccine. So it is not simply the anti-vaccine crowd that is complaining about the lack of science behind...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TACA Tidbits...

~New research on treatment of concussion with HBOT shows marked improvements with HBOT.
For more information or to schedule a session at our office, please call 203-834-2813.
~Prenatal exposure to phthalates leads to attention problems, aggression, oxidative stress and mito dysfunction (references on file)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your Child's Motor Development Story

Come see our friend Jill Mays discuss her new book Your Child's Motor Development Story at the New Canaan Library on Wednesday 11/16 at 9:15 AM. She is gearing this talk to parents with an emphasis on the importance of sensory motor play in the baby through elementary years for healthy development, including social, emotional and neurological development. She will be sharing some of the most recent research findings on cognition and the brain that support the premise of the book.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Online Viewing of The Greater Good Movie

Regardless of your view regarding the relationship between vaccines and autism, watching this movie is essential. It premiers in NYC on November 5th, but you can view it for free for the next few days (see link below).

If you are like many Americans, you want to know more about the long term safety record of all vaccines especially the newer ones like Gardasil for HPV (which is now recommended by the CDC for "All" 11 year old girls AND boys).

The movie is very well done and will have a huge impact.